Risk Assessment

Risk AssessmentEvery organization faces risk. But it is how the organization addresses risk with creative and strategic risk solutions in order to maintain their structure and market position. NFA Consulting will help your organization:

  • Identify where potential risks may occur to your company and its programs
  • Examine current and proposed staffing, process, design, supplier, operational, employment, resources, and dependencies, etc.
  • Monitor results especially failures
  • Review potential shortfalls against expectations
  • Analyze negative trends

These evaluations determine if the need is to implement mitigation plans or find opportunities. NFA Consulting will help your organization:

  • Avoid risk by eliminating the root cause and/or the consequence
  • Control the cause or consequence
  • Transfer the risk
  • Assume the level of risk and continue on the current program plan
  • Establish opportunity plans to take advantage of improvement possibilities

We want to help our clients navigate a changing environment and position themselves to take full advantage of their opportunities.